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Where is your mind right now? Without judging the findings, chances are you may have been thinking about something in the future or trying to resolve something from the past. 

We are hard-wired to scan for problems and threats. Research shows that we spend about 50% of our waking hours in this state of mind called the default mode network. 

There is another way though and that is with mindfulness; being present to more moments of your day without judgmentas you live them. Is this a day that you can tip the scales and be present more than 50% of the time to what is happening, as it is happening?? You may be surprised with how wonderful it feels to live more of your moments fully.

Angela Mazur

Early morning walk at the beach

One morning while on vacation, I decided that instead of my usual fast-paced bike ride, I would do something different. Heavy rain had come through the area overnight  and deep puddles lined the length of our dirt street. After having parked the car at Nauset Light beach, I strolled over to the fenced edge of the dune and noticed the high clouds scudding across the horizon. Making my way down the gravel path to the water’s edge, I was enveloped by fog on both sides. Not another person was around.! This eerie but delightful realization that it was just me and Mother Nature created a feeling of safety and solitude. I then became aware of the tingling sensation of the cold, salty water lapping over my toes as I noticed the playful Momma seal and her pup who both glided through the waves as I made my way down to Coast Guard beach. I allowed myself to slow down, I allowed myself to let go of timing how quickly I could complete the mile walk. The fog was my buffer, my protector, my shield. I released all tension and felt rooted into the wet, abrasive sandy surface of the earth. 

Where is the sacred in your life? Can you slow down to allow the mystery to unfold? Perhaps it is being enveloped by fireflies in your backyard? Or perhaps it is opening your ears to receive the symphony of bird songs at dawn. Whatever it is, perhaps today can be the day to slow down enough to let it in more deeply!