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Where is your mind right now? Without judging the findings, chances are you may have been thinking about something in the future or trying to resolve something from the past. 

We are hard-wired to scan for problems and threats. Research shows that we spend about 50% of our waking hours in this state of mind called the default mode network. 

There is another way though and that is with mindfulness; being present to more moments of your day without judgmentas you live them. Is this a day that you can tip the scales and be present more than 50% of the time to what is happening, as it is happening?? You may be surprised with how wonderful it feels to live more of your moments fully.

Angela Mazur

What did you say??

A funny thing happened on our walk at the golf course early this morning. We headed out with the full dew still glistening on the surface of the greens. We noticed one young man playing on the seventh hole as we drove up alongside the course. Our dog, Oscar, peeled off to the right, after we let him out of the car. This was the perfect direction to begin the morning walk since it was going opposite of the only person playing golf. What a glorious morning! Birds were singing their strong songs to one another. A slight breeze helped offset the building humidity that was going to take hold in short order. Tiny mushrooms dotted the fairways, clear evidence of all the recent rain. 

We made our way full circle around the course and were heading back to the 9th hole. The solo golfer was at the green on his phone, with his back to the woods behind him. We noticed this healthy looking deer right at the edge of the woods. It had posed in a beautiful stance and looked as if it was taking in the surroundings. We wanted to share this deer sighting with this golfer so we yelled, “it’s a deer” and pointed in the direction of the woods. The golfer cocked his head and said, “what did you say about a beer?” “No, we chimed in, it’s a deer and it is right behind you!”  He finally got it and then proceeded to take numerous pictures of this beautiful creature. What I wondered about is if he had been off his phone, would he have noticed this deer before we pointed it out to him?? 

Anyway, it was a deer, not a beer. Way too early in the day for that……