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Where is your mind right now? Without judging the findings, chances are you may have been thinking about something in the future or trying to resolve something from the past. 

We are hard-wired to scan for problems and threats. Research shows that we spend about 50% of our waking hours in this state of mind called the default mode network. 

There is another way though and that is with mindfulness; being present to more moments of your day without judgmentas you live them. Is this a day that you can tip the scales and be present more than 50% of the time to what is happening, as it is happening?? You may be surprised with how wonderful it feels to live more of your moments fully.

Angela Mazur

Rolling with the tides

We are inching our way towards December 1st! My grandma got it right. I remember her commenting that as she got older, it seemed like time had a way of moving faster. Well folks, I am getting older and I can attest to the truth of grandma’s words… Whether or not you celebrate a season of light, we New Englanders are headed into the darkest and coldest time of year. Are you noticing that your energy is on the wane at night, that the idea of going out after 5 pm seems ludicrous? Despite the holiday season and all the hype that comes with it, we are still very much connected to the rhythms of the natural world where there is a tendency to slow down and pull in. Funny how the holidays don’t align with this biological need, right? How many of us are burning the midnight oil rushing around to get the decorations up, presents bought, packages sent out? 

So, how do we both roll with the tides of our biology and  with our customs and celebrations? This is where a mindful practice comes in! Taking pause daily to meditate is so beneficial, but especially so at this time of year. Meditation provides a new and steady rhythm to ride the waves of breath while noticing when the mind wanders and  then gently bringing  attention back to the breath. Meditation practice can be the best remedy for the holiday blues. 

How is your practice going? Could you take a pause each day and sit for maybe five or ten minutes? Start small but start. Angela and I have a variety of meditations on this website that can assist you in your practice. Let it be easy but do it no matter what. When it comes down to it, our meditation practice is the best gift we can give to ourselves during this holiday season and on any day of the year! Happy practicing!!