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Where is your mind right now? Without judging the findings, chances are you may have been thinking about something in the future or trying to resolve something from the past. 

We are hard-wired to scan for problems and threats. Research shows that we spend about 50% of our waking hours in this state of mind called the default mode network. 

There is another way though and that is with mindfulness; being present to more moments of your day without judgmentas you live them. Is this a day that you can tip the scales and be present more than 50% of the time to what is happening, as it is happening?? You may be surprised with how wonderful it feels to live more of your moments fully.

Angela Mazur

Even when we think we have all bases covered, life still holds surprises. Yesterday as I was guiding the body scan meditation at our four- hour silent MSC retreat, an alarm began to sound. Luckily my co-teacher, Angela Mazur, went to find out if we needed to evacuate the building. Meanwhile, I re-worded the meditation to help participants return to their breath since they had been jolted to full attention by the shrill sounds of the alarm. As I regained course with the body scan meditation, I realized that this “interruption” was really offering a gift to us. Life is full of surprise sounds, discoveries, new realizations, unexpected news etc. Where better than at a retreat to practice deepening into the present moment after this disruption.   On or off the cushion, life can sometimes be a dark storm or the clearest sunshiny day imaginable. When we have breath as our anchor, we have the ability to re-adjust to whatever arises.