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Where is your mind right now? Without judging the findings, chances are you may have been thinking about something in the future or trying to resolve something from the past. 

We are hard-wired to scan for problems and threats. Research shows that we spend about 50% of our waking hours in this state of mind called the default mode network. 

There is another way though and that is with mindfulness; being present to more moments of your day without judgmentas you live them. Is this a day that you can tip the scales and be present more than 50% of the time to what is happening, as it is happening?? You may be surprised with how wonderful it feels to live more of your moments fully.

Angela Mazur

Have you ever had one of those days where everything feels too much? I think we all have been there at some point in our lives. Taking the time to do a self-compassion break meditation can help get us back on track. Simply taking a moment to pause, acknowledge that this is a moment of suffering; that we are not alone in this (we all struggle at times), and finally bringing some kindness to ourselves. These three powerful steps help reset our day and allow us to get on steadier footing.

 It isn’t too late to sign up for our next round of MSC groups which begins on Feb 6th. Come join us as we learn how to replace the negative voice with a kinder, softer voice along with tools to live each moment as it arrives.