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Where is your mind right now? Without judging the findings, chances are you may have been thinking about something in the future or trying to resolve something from the past. 

We are hard-wired to scan for problems and threats. Research shows that we spend about 50% of our waking hours in this state of mind called the default mode network. 

There is another way though and that is with mindfulness; being present to more moments of your day without judgmentas you live them. Is this a day that you can tip the scales and be present more than 50% of the time to what is happening, as it is happening?? You may be surprised with how wonderful it feels to live more of your moments fully.

Angela Mazur

How to navigate holiday eating with mindful attention

Yesterday, Angela Mazur and I led a four hour Mindful Eating workshop at Copper Beech Institute in West Hartford, CT. I am so passionate about spreading the word about how to heal the struggle with our relationship with food. For many people, each new day brings another habitual response of reaching for foods that ultimately deaden their inner vibrancy. We live in a country where food is plentiful, where choices are cheap, large and processed. We get addicted to these foods and often are unaware of the impact this way of eating has in our life

Would’t it be wonderful to wake up feeling energized, refreshed and ready to embrace the day? This could be your reality. All it takes is a gentle turning inward and noticing how what you are eating makes you feel and then making changes accordingly. We are creatures of habit. If our current habits aren’t serving us, the good news is that we can slowly make changes and create new habits that in time are part of our daily routine.

So back to holidays! This time of year can be a food frenzy for most of us. We just survived the copious amounts of Halloween candy. If you were able to stay away from the sugary treats present at work and home, now the stores are enticing us with slashing prices on their leftover supplies. 

Take a moment and picture yourself welcoming in 2020. How would you like to feel on the inside? Would a goal of feeling grounded, present to your life, open-hearted, motivated, healthy entice you? What would you need to do differently from this moment and all moments during this hectic season of one holiday merging into the next? Is there one small change you could make? We often want the instant fix, the instant new body. Transformation takes discipline and time. It is worth it though.

Angela and I are offering our Mindful Eating workshop at Copper Beech again on January 26th from 1 to 5 pm. The website for further information is

It would be wonderful if you could join us as we explore how to break the habits with food that create pain, lack of energy, negative feelings about oneself. 

Angela Mazur

A meandering path of pain, loss, love and life

We had to put down our beloved dog, Oscar, five days ago. For those of you who are pet owners, you may understand the difficulty of letting go. Oscar was an integral part of our lives. He would greet my husband and me at the door with a shoe in his mouth  and wag his tail in delight that we were home again. No matter where I was in the house, there would Oscar be at my side. Meal times were his favorite where he would patiently wait for small morsels of our food. It was over 11 years of a “love fest”! Since his passing, our home feels so empty and quiet. I have sought solace in the various forests in the area. Hiking amongst the trees, the birds, the rocks and squirrels gives me a measure of comfort. 

I have also been surprised by the comfort of strangers. This past Saturday, we were on our way to dinner at a local West Hartford Center restaurant. As we approached the restaurant, a man in his early 30s was walking towards us with a sweet, white and yellow puppy. We commented on how cute his dog was. He proceeded to tell us that his dog was a Great Pyrenees mix rescued  from Texas. We shared about how we had just lost our dog two days prior. Without hesitating, this kind man picked up his pooch and offered it to us to snuggle with. I showered this soft-furred dog with kisses and hugs and felt a moment of deep comfort to my inner pain. It was incredibly moving to have this man take the time to be with us in this way. Not only was he generous with offering up his dog  but both my husband and I could feel this man’s heartfelt presence. It was a moment I will never forget.

We cannot undo our losses but Saturday’s encounter reminds me that there are many ways love still exists. I chose to be open to the deep waves of grief so that I can also be open to the love that surrounds me. Although Oscar’s love was so readily available each moment of the day, love continues to flow. I want to be open to receive the goodness of it.

Angela Mazur

Two pairs of sneaker morning

Each morning, my husband and I head to the local golf course to let our 11.5 year old golden doodle, Oscar, enjoy the freedom of exploring the open terrain. As a puppy, he would bound out of the car, eager to sniff his way through the morning dew. It has been such a delight to watch him trot along the edges of the course, making sure not to miss something of dog importance. Recently, our beloved pooch has really begun to show his age. No longer able to jump into our vehicles, my husband purchased a ramp to help make Oscar’s entrance into our truck easier.  So today, I decided to bring a second pair of sneakers with me. I was planning on walking the course with my husband and Oscar, then putting on dry sneakers and socks to continue a longer walk around the neighborhood. Oscar got into the truck with a bit of coaxing but refused to walk onto the golf course for his morning saunter. My heart sank as I gazed into his sad brown eyes. He is really at a new juncture of his precious life. My second pair of sneakers weren’t needed since my feet remained dry, but I sure needed that walk around the neighborhood. I allowed the tears to flow, to feel the pain of my beloved dog’s decline. As I continued to walk, I was aware of the calmness around me. The morning fog danced on the surface of the lake as the sun began its ascent into the blue sky. I felt held and comforted by Mother Nature. It was such an important reminder that although we cannot control the ebb and flow of life, there is always a steadiness of life to hold on to. I am posting a picture of the lake on our Mindful Moments. This scene gave me such comfort and even brought a smile to my face. 

Angela Mazur

Mother Nature embraces the living and the dead!

I have had the pleasure of hiking and biking the trails in Acadia National Park this week. Yesterday, my husband and I made our way up Sargent South Ridge trail. It was a beautiful ascension up the mountain with stunning views along the way up to the top. What impressed me was the intermingling of fallen dead branches woven into the fabric of the earth’s surface. I have posted one of my favorite scenes of branches wrapped around pieces of pink granite. Mother Nature embraces death and destruction unlike what most of us do with death and dying. We have much to learn from the natural rhythms of the earth. Things die and instead of being separated from the living, they are absorbed in the surrounding terrain. Perhaps the spirit of our loved ones encircle us like the gnarled limbs of the fallen tree. Perhaps there is much the naked eye cannot see. What a comfort that would be if those gone before us are wrapped around us with love and attention. 

Angela Mazur

Living in the present moment

Some new pictures have been  posted on Mindful Moments of neighborhood gardens and images outside my office door. There is such beauty surrounding us if we can just take a few extra moments to notice! After a long day of work this past Tuesday, I unlocked my car door and placed all my stuff in the back seat. Starting the car, I noticed this pretty butterfly flitting around the container of pink flowers at the office entrance. A part of me felt like putting my car in drive and heading home. Instead, I took the extra time to get out of my vehicle and snap a bunch of pictures. It was magical. This butterfly kept moving from one delicate pink flower to the next. It hovered first and then took a long, slow drink of the tasty nectar. I was delighted to have taken time to enjoy this butterfly ’s dance !

 Recently, I have noticed how many people are missing out on these gifts of Mother Nature. Both on my walks at the West Hartford reservoir and around my neighborhood this week, I have noticed people walking side by side while both scrolling on their phones! So many missed chances for deeper connection with one another and the surroundings around us

Are you savoring the moments in Mother Nature? It can be as simple as noticing the sound of the birds, the feel of the air, the heat of the sun on your face. You don’t even need to go to some special place to reap these benefits. Perhaps today as you are out running errands and going into work, simply notice what is happening around you. It does help restore us.

Angela Mazur

What did you say??

A funny thing happened on our walk at the golf course early this morning. We headed out with the full dew still glistening on the surface of the greens. We noticed one young man playing on the seventh hole as we drove up alongside the course. Our dog, Oscar, peeled off to the right, after we let him out of the car. This was the perfect direction to begin the morning walk since it was going opposite of the only person playing golf. What a glorious morning! Birds were singing their strong songs to one another. A slight breeze helped offset the building humidity that was going to take hold in short order. Tiny mushrooms dotted the fairways, clear evidence of all the recent rain. 

We made our way full circle around the course and were heading back to the 9th hole. The solo golfer was at the green on his phone, with his back to the woods behind him. We noticed this healthy looking deer right at the edge of the woods. It had posed in a beautiful stance and looked as if it was taking in the surroundings. We wanted to share this deer sighting with this golfer so we yelled, “it’s a deer” and pointed in the direction of the woods. The golfer cocked his head and said, “what did you say about a beer?” “No, we chimed in, it’s a deer and it is right behind you!”  He finally got it and then proceeded to take numerous pictures of this beautiful creature. What I wondered about is if he had been off his phone, would he have noticed this deer before we pointed it out to him?? 

Anyway, it was a deer, not a beer. Way too early in the day for that……

Angela Mazur

Early morning walk at the beach

One morning while on vacation, I decided that instead of my usual fast-paced bike ride, I would do something different. Heavy rain had come through the area overnight  and deep puddles lined the length of our dirt street. After having parked the car at Nauset Light beach, I strolled over to the fenced edge of the dune and noticed the high clouds scudding across the horizon. Making my way down the gravel path to the water’s edge, I was enveloped by fog on both sides. Not another person was around.! This eerie but delightful realization that it was just me and Mother Nature created a feeling of safety and solitude. I then became aware of the tingling sensation of the cold, salty water lapping over my toes as I noticed the playful Momma seal and her pup who both glided through the waves as I made my way down to Coast Guard beach. I allowed myself to slow down, I allowed myself to let go of timing how quickly I could complete the mile walk. The fog was my buffer, my protector, my shield. I released all tension and felt rooted into the wet, abrasive sandy surface of the earth. 

Where is the sacred in your life? Can you slow down to allow the mystery to unfold? Perhaps it is being enveloped by fireflies in your backyard? Or perhaps it is opening your ears to receive the symphony of bird songs at dawn. Whatever it is, perhaps today can be the day to slow down enough to let it in more deeply!

Angela Mazur


Learning to slow down and tune into rhythms of my aging dog

Someone told me recently that vacations are enjoyed in thirds. The first third is about the anticipation. Depending on how far away the vacation is scheduled,  this time of looking forward to what is to come could be days, weeks or months. Then there is the actual living the experience which hopefully is being savored to the fullest. Then there is the enjoyment of reveling in the memories of being away along with perusing all the pictures.

So here I am smack dab in the middle part of my Cape Cod adventure. I spent months looking forward to renting a cozy cottage in North Eastham near enough to the Cape Cod Institute for ease of traveling to class for five days in a row. Our beloved dog, Oscar, is along for this vacation as well. I had imagined long strolls on the beach, long walks along Commercial Street in Provincetown, long walks at Wiley dog park in Eastham. Did you catch my description of LONG? Well, that hasn’t happened. As much as I fantasized about this vacation of both fun and training, I somehow forgot the reality that Oscar, our beloved golden doodle is 11.5 years old. At home, we take him on twenty minute trots around a local golf course , the perfect amount of time he can sustain in active movement. How did I miss this fact?  Our sweet boy is about 80 years in human equivalent. Hmmmm…. So, I have had to let go of the fantasy of how this trip should be and readjust to the reality. Surprisingly, there is a silver lining to this story. Oscar’s limitations have allowed me to slow down and enjoy more time at the cottage. It has been wonderful to sit outside on the back deck reading and taking time to enjoy the sites, smells and sounds that are unique to Cape Cod.

I may not have as many pictures to review upon savoring my third phase of my trip but I dare say, I will most certainly return to CT rested and feeling refreshed and feeling a measure of gratitude for the gifts my dog’s aging body gave me.

Angela Mazur

“How you start your day is how you’re going to live your day. And how you live your day is the way you live your life.”     Louise Hay

Think about this for a moment. How did you start your day today? Was it with a rush of enthusiasm to embrace the day ahead or perhaps it was with great resistance to be awakened by  the shrill sound of the alarm clock?

Is this a typical start for you? Could you imagine something different? 

For me, I have cultivated a habit of awakening by the sound of the bird calls and the daylight beginning to show itself outside my window. I then take time to meditate, journal and read from one of my reflection books. I love making time for these practices. Before my day gets underway, I have already given myself some deep nourishment. This self care has woven itself into the fabric of my days and my life. These ways of taking care of me help give me a sturdier inner foundation to interface with the wider world and all of its fluctuations. This past weekend was a perfect example. My niece graduated from high school which was a joyous celebration. I was so aware of my mixture of emotion that coursed through my body. Happiness and pride mixed in with sadness. The crux of life played itself out in front of me. We are always participating in the richness of beginnings and endings. When I can embrace each experience from my own place of inner stability, it makes it much easier to ride the waves of change.

So how about you? Is there anything you may want to do differently upon awakening tomorrow? I plan to do just what I did today and what I have done for many days before this.

Angela Mazur

Reflections on European trip

Having just returned from a fabulous two-week adventure to Madrid, Spain and the Provence region of France, I looked this morning at all the photos on my computer screen. It brought it all back in vivid detail; the rolling, rocky landscape in the Provence region, the miles and miles of lavender fields just beginning to hint at their magnificent color near Sault.  

I love being outside.  As we hiked, I brought up the rear. For one thing, I went slower uphill. For another, I enjoyed doing my sense and savor walk as I passed along a variety of trees, shrubs and flowers. Everything about this part of France held magic for me. The fresh, plump red strawberries in Carpentras, the freshly picked asparagus from the farmer’s market, the variety of cheeses to sample, the infused lavender honey and of course the delicious wine! 

We drove back from the airport yesterday afternoon. Back in Connecticut, I marveled at the lush, green grass, the trees fully leafed out, the azalea and other bushes in full bloom. It gave me a new appreciation for the beauty that surrounds us daily. Are you taking the time to savor what is around you? We all can get so busy in our lives that we miss the benefit of our lush world around us.

Angela Mazur

Angela and I led a Let Your Yoga Dance/meditation workshop at the Universalist Church in West Hartford this morning. As I drove down Fern Street, the yellow daffodils were in full bloom along with neighboring dogwood trees thick with white flowers flowing from their branches. It was a morning to roll down the car windows and drink in the freshness of the natural world around. The pungent smell of last nights rain coupled with the early melodies of the birds put such a smile on my face. Spring has finally arrived. Are you aware of the bursting forth of life outside? Is there something waiting to burst forth in your life. We humans are so aligned with the natural flow of the seasons. May the “new life” that has been waiting to push to realization unfold for you. 

Following is a wonderful poem by Mary Oliver

Such Singing in the Wild Branches

It was spring

and I finally heard him

among the first leaves––

then I saw him clutching the limb

in an island of shade

with his red-brown feathers

all trim and neat for the new year.

First, I stood still

and thought of nothing.

Then I began to listen.

Then I was filled with gladness––

and that's when it happened,

when I seemed to float,

to be, myself, a wing or a tree––

and I began to understand

what the bird was saying,

and the sands in the glass


for a pure white moment

while gravity sprinkled upward

like rain, rising,

and in fact

it became difficult to tell just what it was that was singing––

it was the thrush for sure, but it seemed

not a single thrush, but himself, and all his brothers,

and also the trees around them,

as well as the gliding, long-tailed clouds

in the perfect blue sky–––all of them

were singing.

And, of course, so it seemed,

so was I.

Such soft and solemn and perfect music doesn't last

For more than a few moments.

It's one of those magical places wise people

like to talk about.

One of the things they say about it, that is true,

is that, once you've been there,

you're there forever.

Listen, everyone has a chance.

Is it spring, is it morning?

Are there trees near you,

and does your own soul need comforting?

Quick, then––open the door and fly on your heavy feet; the song

may already be drifting away.

-Mary Oliver

Angela Mazur

Reflections while on vacation

Do you fantasize about when your next vacation will arrive? Perhaps you have done all the research to find the perfect rental, the perfect sight -seeing agenda, the perfect restaurants etc. etc. All of this planning is done by the thinking mind, right? 

Then it is time to board the plane or get in the car and start your adventure! I wonder how many of us realize the perfect vacation? I dare say, probably none of us.  There may be perfect moments but in the grand scheme of things, like life itself, there will be moments of too much sun, not enough sun, too cold, too hot, too buggy. You get the drift…

So here I am writing from Jekyll Island. I took a plane to get here. Of course I did all the planning for my perfect adventure. Has it been perfect? Not at all. Have I had moments of sheer wonder, absolutely!! I have relearned how it is important to let go of how I thought it would be and be present for what it is…

So for today, I will open to the natural world around me. We are biking to Zachary’s Riverhouse restaurant for lunch. The bike paths on the island are glorious. Large live oak trees with moss dripping off their branches canopy the north side paths. The Jekyll River is off to the  right and sightings of osprey and other shore birds are a common site. My intention is to be present for  each moment instead of getting ahead of myself for the rest of the moments to live today. It will be good practice for how I want to live my life in general. 

Angela Mazur

Opening the heart chakra to the beauty around us!!

Last Sunday, Angela and I had the pleasure of leading a Let Your Yoga Dance/Meditation workshop at Yoga From The Heart in West Hartford Center. The eight women who joined us got right into the experience. As we danced our way up through our seven energy centers, (the chakras), the group’s energy became more vibrant, connected and alive. Midway through our Let Your Yoga Dance portion, I taught movements to this Native American chant called Beauty Chant. The chant goes like this:

Beauty before me— We raised our hands up as we all walked into the circle.

Beauty behind me— We walked backwards with our hands pointing to the back of the space.

Beauty beneath me— We bent our knees and pointed to the earth.

Beauty above—-   We stretched out our arms and raised them towards the heavens.

Beauty beside me— We reached our right then left arm out to the sides.

And all around me—— We circled our arms around our hearts.

Beauty encircles me with love— We reached around our bodies with both arms sweeping in wide circles.

This lovely song and powerful, heart-filled movement continued for several rounds. At the music bridge, we all danced our beauty to one another and offered our heart-filled energy to the wider world.

It was a powerful dance of whole-hearted communion with one another. We had never met as a group before. It always amazes me how the Let Your Yoga Dance experiences can cut through shyness, resistance and join previous strangers in an intimate moving expression of love. 

Do you have a song that springs your heart open? Perhaps this is something you want to play more often. Perhaps you can find a dance movement to go along with this piece of music to further celebrate its enjoyment. May you dance like nobody is watching!!

Angela Mazur

The magic of Cape Cod!

As soon as we made our way over the Buzzard’s Bay canal, I could feel my muscles release some tension as I prepared myself for the first delicious inhalation of salty air. My senses come alive when I visit Cape Cod! Memories of childhood summers accompany the myriad ways my senses absorb the goodness of this special place. 

We bundled up yesterday afternoon and carefully made our way down the steep sand embankment to walk along the ocean’s shoreline. No one was around:  no brave surfers fully geared in their black wet suits that resemble sleek seals, no seals, no sea gulls. We were graced with the sight and sound of the waves curling into the shore. It was just beyond high tide so we had to scramble farther up to the dunes’ edge to miss being soaked by the oncoming waves. 

After this walk and  an afternoon of relaxation, I felt moved to be present for the sun’s descent. No one was around as I trudged through clumps of piled up seagrass and around wide puddles with their inky surface. Rounding the sandy lane, the thin line of beach came into view. What struck me was how still the waters were. I had to make my way closer to the solo canoe to find the right angle to snap my picture. Luckily for me, my hiking boots withstood the thick, mucky terrain. After taking numerous shots, I put away my iPhone and just absorbed the surroundings… breath-taking and etched in my mind, I said a small prayer of thanks for being able to enjoy this winter scene that is so different from the winter scenes at home. 

Angela Mazur


Two days ago, the weather in our area was cold and blustery. Despite the freezing temperatures, my body craved being in the fresh outdoors. I spent some time walking the paths at a local golf course. My pace was quick in an attempt to keep the chill from settling into my bones. As I came down a hill, I noticed a group of youngsters barreling down a bigger hill in the distance. Their shouts of joy were discernible. I marveled that for them this winter day held the magic of careening down a slick carpet of white snow. I could only imagine that they weren’t fretting about how cold it was. I bet they didn’t even register the cold. For them, the thrill of the next slide down the slippery hill was holding all of their attention. 

Today, I walked the same golf course. It was a totally different landscape. First of all, most of the snow was replaced by large puddles of water. I had to navigate carefully around the pooling water. At one point, I decided it was best to just walk through the water hoping it wouldn’t go over the lip of my hiking boots. No children were present. Puddles of water somehow don’t hold the same appeal as snowy surfaces do. 

Anyway, it all reminded me of how everything is always changing! For some of us, this is a difficult concept to accept. When things are going well in our lives, we want to push the pause button and have things stay the same. I would bet we would tire of things always being just right. It wouldn’t give a comparison to the times of challenge. Take today for instance.  If every day was the perfect temperature, we would never get to experience the many nuances that Mother Nature delivers.

I am going to enjoy the rest of this night as I watch the sky turn its brilliant pinks and purples. I will look forward to one more day of winter thaw tomorrow. 

Angela Mazur


Transitions are part of life, but with the flux of change comes a mixture of turbulent thoughts, emotions and body sensations. Not such an easy place to live from. Pema Chodron, an American Buddhist nun, teaches us how to STAY present to the full gamut of inner experience. There is no amount of shopping, substance use or other distraction that can remedy the inner process of “riding the wave of experience”!! Are you staying present for what needs attention in your life? it is a tall order indeed. We live in a culture that touts the quick fix, better in a few days approach. The marketing gurus want us running to the nearest store to buy more stuff to fix us. A wiser approach is learning to lean into what is difficult and hold onto the steadiness of our breath. That is something we can count on. Breathing in, breathing out, allowing room for what is here. Now that is a much better approach to claim our lives instead of the elusive chase after the magic bullet. Learning to stay present is a skill. The more you practice being with what is arising within you and meeting it with kind attention, the more it becomes the familiar place to come home to.

Angela Mazur

A New Year starts off with a blessing!

My husband and I took our 11 year old dog Oscar for a romp at the local golf course this morning. It didn’t matter that the ground was saturated with water. We all needed to absorb the warmth of the sun from the unusually  high temperatures. Upon entering the paved golf cart path, we were met by an energetic 10 month old pup named Peanut along with her owner, Corey. Peanut took off like a shot and led Oscar on a roundabout game of “catch me if you can”! You can probably figure out what happened? Oscar quickly tuckered out and simply found a high perch on the lip of the sand trap to have a good view of Peanut circling around and around. It was so delightful to watch the pooches as they were completely in the moment enjoying the push and pull of being together. Meanwhile, Corey, Bill and I continued to walk along together as we dove deep into conversation. This was the first time we met this kind and gentle human being. It felt like three souls coming together to share insights, good conversation and sacred moments. A big shout out to Corey for his presence on our path this morning. Before we embarked on this walk, I was feeling the let down of all the holiday festivities and overall rather blue. Our chance meeting with this lovely man changed all that. We never know who we will meet on our path, who will help us break out of our funk, who will help reignite  the light inside. This morning was a blessing indeed. 

Angela Mazur

The gifts of breath

As you read this blog, I invite you to first take a pause, turn your attention towards the rhythm of your in-breath followed by your out-breath. Allow the flow of energy to be the focus of your attention. Like the gentle wave rolling into the shore, our breath provides an anchor of attention no matter what season, what circumstance, what frame of mind we find ourselves in. 

Isn’t this ability to breathe, to land, to feel engaged in this present moment one of the deepest gifts available?  We can’t find this at the mall or on any of the myriad online shopping sites. Sure, we are all enthralled with the trappings of the holiday season. The sparkly, colorful display of lights, the warmth and comfort of gathering with family, the traditions that have been passed from generation to generation. However, there is a quieter stillness that awaits our attention. I have been saved by my breath. Each day before my day begins, I take 30 minutes to meditate, to come into the quiet and ride the waves of my breath. Of any gift I may receive this season, my daily practice of focusing on my breath is by far the greatest gift of all.

May you discover or re-awaken the practice of coming home to your breath.

Angela Mazur

The holiday rush is upon us!!

Do you feel the momentum building? Even if you don’t celebrate, the increase of traffic, frantic energy and impatience is all around us! In this hectic time of holiday stress, our meditation practice can be a healthy place of refuge. I look forward to arising at 5 am so I have ample time to meditate and journal before my day begins. How about you? Where are you fitting in time to meditate or pause and breath in deeply for a few moments? When we create time to focus our attention within, it provides a chance to reclaim our anchor in this present moment. 

Happy Holidays everyone. May you keep coming home to your deep place of truth within. Let the light, the love and magic of this season radiate its goodness within you and around you!! 

Angela Mazur

Rolling with the tides

We are inching our way towards December 1st! My grandma got it right. I remember her commenting that as she got older, it seemed like time had a way of moving faster. Well folks, I am getting older and I can attest to the truth of grandma’s words… Whether or not you celebrate a season of light, we New Englanders are headed into the darkest and coldest time of year. Are you noticing that your energy is on the wane at night, that the idea of going out after 5 pm seems ludicrous? Despite the holiday season and all the hype that comes with it, we are still very much connected to the rhythms of the natural world where there is a tendency to slow down and pull in. Funny how the holidays don’t align with this biological need, right? How many of us are burning the midnight oil rushing around to get the decorations up, presents bought, packages sent out? 

So, how do we both roll with the tides of our biology and  with our customs and celebrations? This is where a mindful practice comes in! Taking pause daily to meditate is so beneficial, but especially so at this time of year. Meditation provides a new and steady rhythm to ride the waves of breath while noticing when the mind wanders and  then gently bringing  attention back to the breath. Meditation practice can be the best remedy for the holiday blues. 

How is your practice going? Could you take a pause each day and sit for maybe five or ten minutes? Start small but start. Angela and I have a variety of meditations on this website that can assist you in your practice. Let it be easy but do it no matter what. When it comes down to it, our meditation practice is the best gift we can give to ourselves during this holiday season and on any day of the year! Happy practicing!!